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Andrew Thoreen is a singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Saint Paul Minnesota. An avant-garde pop traditionalist with outsider art sensibilities, Andrew is a producer, arranger, session musician, and sideman.
Andrew is inspired and informed by forward thinking musicians like David Byrne, Dirty Projectors, Arthur Russell, The Shaggs, Sufjan Stevens, Danielson, Grizzly Bear, Andy Shauf, and Andrew Bird who have paved the way for songwriters like him to take risks with pop music.


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Recent Releases:

"Once in Royal David's City" - Alaylon (producer, mix engineer, guitar, piano, bass guitar, drum set, and vocal)

The Shaggs - "What Should I do (Andrew Thoreen, Toby Ramaswamy, and Maddie Thies cover)" (producer, arranger, guitar, vocal, video editor)

J.E. Sunde - Alice, Gloria and Jon - (bass and trombone on "You Don't Wanna Leave It Alone" bass on "Glory, Gloria", "Blind Curve", "Alice", and "Home")

PRINTS - "The Altar Flower Guild" (trombone, bass guitar)

Har-di-Har - DONE DONE ALL DONE (producer, co-writer, guitar, vocals, trombone, engineer)

The Shaggs - "Things I Wonder (Andrew Thoreen, Tarek Abdelqader, and Tommy Boynton cover)" (producer, arranger, guitar, vocal, video editor)

The Shaggs - "I'm So Happy When You're Near (Andrew Thoreen, Anssi Nykänen, and Lukas Pearsall cover)" (producer, arranger, guitar vocal, video editor)

PRINTS - "full heist" (bass, loops)

Andrew Thoreen - "Who are Parents? (feat. bathtub cig and Tom Myers)" (producer, arranger, guitar, vocal)

Andrew Thoreen - "Do Right by You (feat. J.E. Sunde)" (producer, co-writer, engineer, vocal, guitar, bass guitar, trombone, drumset)

TROMBONE BAND - "LET IT SLIDE" (trombone, co-writer)

Andrew Thoreen - "Through Gray (feat. Matt Olson)" (producer, writer, arranger, trombone guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and drum set)

Andrew Thoreen - "Glass Ships (feat. Louis Murphy)" (producer, arranger, trombone, guitar, bass guitar, piano, vocals, and drum set)

TROMBONE BAND - "3.1.20" (trombone, engineer)

Andrew Thoreen - "Songs of Invitation for Guitar Duet EP" (writer, producer, mixer, guitar and vocals)

J.E. Sunde - "9 Songs About Love" (bass guitar, trombone, trombone arrangements, and writer)

Andrew Thoreen, Shane Leonard, and Pat Keen - "My Pal Foot Foot" - The Shaggs cover (vocal, guitar, arranger, editor)

John Mark Nelson - "Compromise" (trombone)

J.E. Sunde - "Love Gone to Seed" (bass guitar, trombone, trombone arrangment)

Andrew Thoreen - "Sinking in Low, Thinking in Love (Guitar Duet No. 1"' (writer, engineer, mixer, acoustic guitar, vocals)

Andrew Thoreen - "I Just Stopped Caring About My Ego (Guitar Duet no. 2)" (writer, engineer, mixer, acoustic guitar, vocals)

Andrew Thoreen - "Plans Have to Change" (writer, engineer, mixer, video editor, guitar, bass drums, and vocals)

Liam Moore - "Lift" (trombone)

J.E. Sunde - "Sunset Strip" (bass guitar, trombone, writer)

Gary Ruschman - "Mercy" (trombone)

Daniel Bonespur - "Squawks of Hate" (trombone)

Andrew Thoreen and Ian Meltzer - "Philosophy of the World" cover (arranger, guitar, vocals)

Har-di-Har - "The Wonder" Maple & Beech Remix (co-writer, vocals, guitar, bass)

Andandending - Lots In Thought EP (Vocals, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Arranger, Songwriter, Producer)

Robot Slide - "Later Bloom" (Trombone)

Eric Mayson - "Aww" (Trombone)

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